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This archive contains a collection of images of hand-crafted woodwork pieces. Click on any image to view the full size image in a new browser window or tab. Right click on any image and choose "Save Target As..." to save a copy of the image.

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Classical Bowl © 2010. #21. Argentinian osage orange. Tung oil.

Bold Bowl © 2010. #25. Zebra wood with yellowheart trim. Tung oil.

White Canister © 2011. #29. White sugar maple, greenwood. Polyurethane.

Modular Top © 2011. #31. Yellowheart and purpleheart. Tung oil.

Modular Bottom © 2011. #30. Yellowheart and purpleheart. Tung oil.

Sewing Thread Chest © 2014. Cherry. Red cherry stain. Polyurethane.

Platter 2 © 2012. White pine. Polyurethane.

Eternal © 2014. Rosewood. Inset shaped copper wire. Polyurethane.

Twin Rim © 2010. #26. Purpleheart. Polyurethane.

Clean Lines © 2010. #17. Zapote wood. Tung oil.

Simple Classical © 2011. Bocote wood. Tung oil.

Apple For The Teacher © 2010. #16. White pine. Tung oil.

Micro-Teacup © 2011. Purpleheart and Zebra wood. Tung oil.

Goblet Twins © 2010. Brazilian rosewood. Polyurethane.

Button Top Modern Bowl © 2009. #14. Brazilian rosewood. Polyurethane.

Classical Morter And Pestle © 2013. #32. Argentinian osage orange. Polyurethane.

Rounded Bowl © 2010. Maple. Tung oil.

Salad Bowl With Two Spoons © 2008. Red oak and poplar. Polyurethane.

Pie Platter © 2008. Cherry, greenwood. Polyurethane.

Inverted Bowl © 2010. Padauk wood. Polyurethane.

Media Cabinet © 2013. Paduak and red oak. Polyurethane.

Chess Table © 2008. Red oak. Polyurethane.

South American Influences © 2009. #11. Ebony. Tung oil.

Modern Lines © 2009. #9. Zebra wood. Tung oil.

Classical Urn © 2009. #10. Aged ponderosa pine. Polyurethane.

Double Stepped Brim © 2009. #7. Zebra wood. Olive oil and tung oil.

Simply Bowl © 2010. #20. Bocate. Tung oil.

Mushroom © 2010. #22. Yellowheart. Tung oil.

Round With Inset © 2010. #18. Marblewood. Polyurethane.

Art Deco Lines © 2009. #8. Purpleheart. Tung oil.

Cheese And Crackers Tray With Knife © 2010. #19. Poplar. Polyurethane.

Examples | Methods | Woods

Every woodworker has their favorite tools. My favorite is the Shopsmith MARK V, by the Shopsmith company. It can be reconfigured quickly into many tools. It can also be configured as a lathe and grinder at the same time, thus allowing quick periodic tool sharpening during lathe turning projects. And, the addition of a NOVA type chuck makes mounting and unmounting the wood quick and easy.

Examples | Methods | Woods

A part of the enjoyment and satisfaction from woodworking comes from the experience of creating works from different types of wood, especially exotic woods. But, exotic woods can be hard to find. A supplier of exotic woods that I recommend is a company named Cormark, located in Weaverville, North Carolina. They have an immense selection and knowledgeable, friendly, professional staff. Actually choosing an exotic wood out of all the choices can be a task since each wood has different characteristics. Below are some of my notes about different woods, which may help with the choice of selecting wood.