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Articles, Published, And Unpublished

How To Excel At Briefing Senior Executives. 2005. This article explains how to successfully brief "C" level executives. A "must read" for any career-minded manager.
Success; How Far Away Is It When There Are No Yardsticks? 2004. This article explains how to use metrics in small businesses. The emphasis is on metrics that are 'few', 'relevant', 'simple', and 'balanced'.
A 40 year old weapon that could compromise U.S. - AW 1994. This article is an early thought piece describing the trend of ever increasing reliance on computers, the corresponding trend of increasing cyber warfare and the need for protective strategies to prevent the destruction of social systems and National infrastructure.
Success; Embedded Training Offers Savings, Improved learning 1993. This article explains how the Army policy/vision of Embedded Training (ET) in operational systems can be achieved through application of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) Technology.
Success With The Upgraded SB-3614 Switchboard 1988. This article explains some of the more esoteric and difficult technical reqirements for successfully on programming the SB-3614 tactical switchboard, and a software tool available for use with the GRID computer to simplify the programming setup. Largely superceded by newer equipment. And, the GRID computer is now shown in the Smithsonian Museum as an example of "early primitive computers".